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Cheese Cutter Kit

Use your favorite wood scraps for base.
Price is for "U" frame, wire, handle, and "Handcrafted By" label plus plans. No other items included.

365 Cheesecutter



365-10 Cheesecutter


pack of 10

365-50 Cheesecutter


pack of 50

365-100 Cheesecutter


pack of 100

Extra Wires

$1.57 Each

Salt, Pepper, Spice Shakers and Toothpick Holder

Go green. Use a fallen tree limb for the barrels. Price includes 3 tops, 3 bottom plugs, 4 labels, salt, Pepper, Spice, and Toothpick. Plus 1 "Handcrafted By" label. No other items included. Laminate barrels from scraps.


1 375 Shaker Set



10 Pack, 375 Shaker Set


pack of 10

50 Pack, 375 Shaker Set


pack of 50



Level - front view

Level - top view

Make A Level

Any scrap of wood will make a useful long lasting level with our plans and parts. Price is for plans plus vials, tubes and "Handcrafted By" labels, no other parts included.

Note: 875-1 includes 3 vials, 1-12" tube that you cut into 3-4" tubes plus 1 "Handcrafted By" label. This will make one level. The other stock numbers will make levels as shown. Such as 875-12 will make 4 levels, etc. Think of all the other uses you can use a level for.


875-01 Vial/Tube



875-10 Vial/Tube


pack of 10

875-50 Vial/Tube


pack of 50

875-100 Vial/Tube

pack of 100

Jumbo Clothes Pin

Great for mass production unit. Price is for plans, torsion spring plus "gold" plated spring. Size: 2-3/8" x 1-1/4"
"Handcrafted By" Label included with each spring. No other items included.

0306-01 Spring

$1.32 each

0306-10 Spring

$11.69 pack of 10

0306-50 Spring

pack of 50

0306-100 Spring

pack of 100


"Handcrafted By" Labels. Black letters with gold background. Students put their name on it.



pack of 10